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Funding to Solve Cash flow Constraints

ClaimPay empowers restoration businesses with financial freedom and stability, offering unlimited growth potential without traditional bank loans. Convert insurance claims into cash in 3 easy steps: 1) apply on claimpay.net, 2) get pre approved for funding, 3) submit claims for funding .

For over seven years, ClaimPay has funded over 200 property damage providers, exceeding $4,000,000 of total funding weekly. We’ve successfully supported over 120,000 claims, actively contributing to the restoration industry’s growth in various states. Our strong partnerships include non-profit organizations like the Restoration Association of Florida, the American Policyholder Association, the Louisiana Home Builders Association, adjusting and legal companies, and numerous local property damage providers.

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Empowering restoration companies and homeowners by funding their growth and providing stability.

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    I heard what they do for people, and I first thought it wasn't legit because it sounded too good to be true. But now I understand that this is the great financial partnership that gives immediate cash and helps to grow the business!

    Cowboy Roofing

    Devin McGee

    Cowboy Roofing

    It’s been easier for me now that I use this service because I can have that cash flow helping me to pay the labor, to pay the materials that I use on the jobs.

    Tarp & Restoration Geeks

    Alberto Pernas

    Owner - Tarp & Restoration Geeks

    They are fantastic! Whenever you have a lot of receivables, they are the guys to contact. They can help you turn them into cash tomorrow!

    Air Quality Assessors

    Richie Kidwell

    President - Air Quality Assessors