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Property damage insurance claims funding

One of the primary focuses of ClaimPay is to assist Property Damage Providers who face cash flow constraints due to unpaid account receivables from insurance companies. In such cases, ClaimPay offers advanced funding to these providers while they await the collection of their receivables, regardless of the duration it may take. 

ClaimPay specializes in providing cash flow solutions to property damage providers such as mitigation and remediation companies, mold and engineering assessors, roofers, and other professionals involved in services related to AOBs, LOPs, or Service Agreements. 

By acting as a funding partner, ClaimPay ensures the stability of businesses and helps them overcome cash flow limitations, thus supporting their long-term success.

How does it work?

We’re a trusted funding partner for the restoration community!


Get paid 1-2 years after performed work

Even more cash flow issues

PA / Lawyer

More cash flow issues

Denied / delayed / not paid

Performed work

Wait until insurance pays

Cash flow issues

Wait until insurance pays

Performed work

Wait until insurance pays

Cash flow issues

Wait until insurance pays

Denied / delayed / not paid

More cash flow issues

PA / Lawyer

Even more cash flow issues

Get paid 1-2 years after performed work

WITH ClaimPay:

Performed work

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Get cash on your insurance claims within 72 hours

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    I heard what they do for people, and I first thought it wasn't legit because it sounded too good to be true. But now I understand that this is the great financial partnership that gives immediate cash and helps to grow the business!

    Cowboy Roofing

    Devin McGee

    Cowboy Roofing

    It’s been easier for me now that I use this service because I can have that cash flow helping me to pay the labor, to pay the materials that I use on the jobs.

    Tarp & Restoration Geeks

    Alberto Pernas

    Owner - Tarp & Restoration Geeks

    They are fantastic! Whenever you have a lot of receivables, they are the guys to contact. They can help you turn them into cash tomorrow!

    Air Quality Assessors

    Richie Kidwell

    President - Air Quality Assessors


Empowering restoration companies and homeowners by funding their growth and providing stability.

Why ClaimPay?

Trusted funding partner for the restoration community!

Our Team explains why we are the funding partner you deserve. CLAIMPAY empowers restoration businesses with financial freedom and stability. Getting funds without the typical bank loan gives your business unlimited growth potential and the opportunity to lead the market.

Our Team

We are seasoned industry experts and we believe in our mission to help businesses thriving.

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Get funded on your insurance claims today!

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We are the funding partner you deserve!

  • How much money can I get on my claims?

    The cash advances we offer depend on a number of different variables. To get a quote on your claims you should submit a request (name, contact number, email) via our website form, send an email on, or call +1(877)443-3007 and ClaimPay start working on your quote. Apply Here to get started.

  • Am I eligible to receive funding?

    Property Damage Providers: To be eligible for funding you must be a property damage provider, have operated for at least six months, and have a properly executed service agreement or AOB. *Note that all outstanding claims must be property damage claims. Homeowners: Any homeowner with a property damage insurance claim can submit their claim(s) for review via Claims eligibility will depend upon the specific policies coverage.

  • Do you fund service agreements with a direction-to-pay?


  • What happens after my claim is funded?

    ClaimPay is a full service funding company. Which means that once we fund your claims, and your money is in your pocket, you are relieved of any further hassle.

  • Do you fund cases that are already filed with an attorney?