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ClaimPay is a financial partner that offers cash flow solutions for property damage providers such as mitigation and remediation companies, mold and engineering assessors, roofers, and others performing services on AOBs, LOPs, or Service Agreements. ClaimPay also supports residential and commercial property owners by funding their property damage providers that complete mitigation, remediation, mold, engineering, or roofing services.

ClaimPay works with Property Damage Providers dealing with cash flow constraints caused by unpaid account receivables by insurance companies. ClaimPay gives the money in advance of the collection of receivables, and contractors and ClaimPay wait for the collection, no matter how long it takes. ClaimPay is a financial partnership that keeps the business stable and supports its success by removing cash flow constraints.

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Money in my pocket compared to money in the air is very different. The slow pay thing and no pay thing are real! Now with ClaimPay, we have help with our expansion, ClaimPay takes off the hassle of getting us paid.

Tree Guardian USA

Jacob Guidry

Tree Guardian USA

I heard what they do for people, and I first thought it wasn't legit because it sounded too good to be true. But now I understand that this is the great financial partnership that gives immediate cash and helps to grow the business!

Cowboy Roofing

Devin McGee

Cowboy Roofing

It’s been easier for me now that I use this service because I can have that cash flow helping me to pay the labor, to pay the materials that I use on the jobs.

Tarp & Restoration Geeks

Alberto Pernas

Owner - Tarp & Restoration Geeks

They are fantastic! Whenever you have a lot of receivables, they are the guys to contact. They can help you turn them into cash tomorrow!

Air Quality Assessors

Richie Kidwell

President - Air Quality Assessors